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Martin Luther King. Become the Inspiration

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Violating segregation laws

MONTGOMERY, Downtown. 1955


Many tensions were arising in the African-American communities in Montgomery,

as in many other parts of America. On March the 2nd, 1955, a very serious event happened:
some white people got on a bus; as there were no seats available, the driver demanded that four black women, sitting in the middle seats, stand up and give their seats to the white guys: two did, but the other two did not. When the police arrived to deal with the situation,
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a 15-year-old student, Claudette Colvin, asserted her rights as she had sat down first. But unfortunately things didn't work out that way... She was pulled out and arrested.
The case was brought before a committee of the African-American community and together with activists Edgar Nixon and Clifford Durr,

we decided not to take any action for the time being.
But I didn't end here. On the 1st of December that year, a woman called Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to leave her seat to let a white man sit down. She had violated segregation laws.

She belonged to the NAACP so she was able to alert Edgar Nixon directly and he signed a bond for her release. This caused an uproar in the black community and the police reacted heavily. People set fire to buses and shop windows, and the police responded by shooting at the crowd. It was a total disaster.
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Violating segregation laws

MONTGOMERY, Downtown. 1955


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MONTGOMERY, Holt Street Baptist Church. 1955

A non-violent rebellion

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