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Martin Luther King. Become the Inspiration

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The symbol of struggle

MEMPHIS, Lorraine Motel. 1968


I had become a point of reference for the entire African-American community,

the symbol of the struggle for civil rights.
Many hated me and had made attempts on my life over the years, but my duty as a man and strong advocate for our rights kept me convinced that we had to go on at all costs.
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I was so worried about my family and my children, I was receiving constant threats of all kinds even from the FBI. They destroyed my home with a bombing and fortunately there were no consequences for me or my family. On April the 4th, 1968,

I was killed by a large-calibre rifle shot at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. White, bigoted America had done it, it killed me. But it did not kill our ideals, in fact, the murder sparked the anger of the black community, giving rise to a revolt in all the ghettos of America,

unfortunately with a terrible outcome, forty-three dead, five hundred wounded and twenty-seven thousand arrested.
In my short life, I had always fought to radically change the struggle for the rights of African-Americans, my aim was to give new life to the ideals of an entire generation, taking on the torment of their people to lead us into a new era.
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The symbol of struggle

MEMPHIS, Lorraine Motel. 1968


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