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Bob Marley. Get Up, My Friend

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Me and Bunny

TRENCHTOWN, Bunny's House. 1957


As a child, I was nicknamed "Bob"

and remained fond of this nickname all my life.
I liked to read the palms of my mother's friends when I was a child, marking with my finger those little grooves on the palms. My cards said that I would stop being a fortune teller and start my journey into the music business... and they got it right! Living in Trenchtown, like in the other suburbs of Kingston,
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was not easy. Every day I would see riots against the system by disaffected and disbanded young black men. They called themselves the rude boys and protested against the established order of society. They refused to work, leading a life of gimmicks, pranks and petty crime. I never agreed with their violent way of demonstrating.

In my opinion, we would never get anywhere that way... I made a friend when I was a kid, Bunny Livingston. We lived next door to each other and he got me interested in music. By the time I was fifteen, I had a job as a welder, and I used to spend my free time at Bunny's. I'd go to church with him. I used to go to church with him and sing in the services

and listen to a radio station in New Orleans, but Bunny's radio didn't work right because it was so old. Bunny got by as well as he could, but I was fine with him; the music kept us alive and united.
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Me and Bunny

TRENCHTOWN, Bunny's House. 1957

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ADDIS ABEBA, African Union Commission. 1960

The Fighter

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