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Jimi Hendrix. Flow Through Me

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In the legend

Monterey, County Fairgrounds. 1967


Our group was a great mix,

an explosive mixture that was immediately apparent to everyone
at our first European shows. My bullet-like blasts, backed up by Mitchell's furious snare drum pounding and Redding's sinuous lines, came as a shock to the London music world... We'd taken the music scene by biting it off from the artists who'd been on it up to that point. Eric Clapton and Jeff Bec were blown away by my performances
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and the aura that accompanied me. The Who did everything they could to get me to accept an offer from their flagship label, Track Records. Everyone wanted a Jimi track! The new album Are You Experienced? was second only to The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. America was finally ready for us! The opportunity came in June '67,

when Paul McCartney invited us to attend the Monterey International Pop Festival, the father of the Woodstock Festival. Here, kneeling as if I were praying in front of my Fender Stratocaster, after playing it with my teeth, behind my back and against the microphone stand, I set it on fire, invoking, in a ritual, the gods of Rock, following the rhythm of the music. Finally,

while it was still burning, I destroyed it, unleashing all my rage! After that episode, I would end up on the cover of Rolling Stones.
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In the legend

Monterey, County Fairgrounds. 1967

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London, Royal Albert Hall. Feb 1969

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