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John Lennon. Imagine a Dream

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How to become a legend

New York City, Central Park. 1980


In 1975, I moved back in with Yoko,

in New York, at which time Sean,
my second son, was born. I released one last album, called Rock 'n' Roll, containing 50s rock classics, and it had an emblematic history... There was a version called Roots, which had two songs, Angel Baby and Be My Baby, that were not included on the second album. This version was to be distributed by Morris Levy's Adam VIII label,
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who owned the rights to most of the 50s songs, but he decided to release the record without my consent. So the record remained unknown because of my boycott. I stopped the marketing of the record and accelerated the release of his own version, with the title Rock 'n' Roll, featuring his Hamburg photo on the cover. In the following years,

I withdrew from the public scene. I gave up releasing records, but I never stopped composing music. In 1980, I recorded a new album: Double Fantasy. One night came that was different from all the others: on December 8th... While I was going home with Yoko, at the entrance of the Dakota Building, at the crossroads with Central Park,

I was approached by a disturbing looking guy: a certain Chapman. He said, "Hey, Mr. Lennon!", pulled out a gun and shot me... I sadly passed away... Millions of people all over the world responded to Yoko Ono's call to stop what they were doing for ten minutes of silence in my honour.
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How to become a legend

New York City, Central Park. 1980

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