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John Lennon. Imagine a Dream

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Getting high with successes

New York City, Madison Square Garden. 1972


Shortly afterwards,

my first triumph as a solo artist followed with the album Imagine.
It reached the top of the European and American charts and became my most successful album. With the Plastic Ono Band, we performed live in New York with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. The concert was featured on my next solo album Some Time in New York City, with a clearly political slant. It sold well in the UK,
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but poorly in the States. From this point on, I would have prestigious collaborations; Eric Clapton and George Harrison on guitar, Billy Preston and Nicky Hopkins on keyboards, Klaus Voormann on bass, Keith Moon and Jim Gordon on drums. Another crucial live appearance was with Yoko Ono and Elephant's Memory at the One to One charity concert

in late August '72 at Madison Square Garden in New York. Towards the end of the year, I would release the legendary single Happy Xmas (War is Over), which would become a Christmas standard. Soon after, Yoko and I would be separated for many months...

I moved to America with Mary Pang, Yoko's young secretary, living between New York and Los Angeles. It was a time of excess, drugs and alcohol, which I like to remember as my 'lost weekend'.
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Getting high with successes

New York City, Madison Square Garden. 1972

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New York City, Central Park. 1980

How to become a legend

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