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John Lennon. Imagine a Dream

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Genesis of a legend

Liverpool, Cavern Club. 1961


One day, my mother passed away;

it was one of the most devastating pains for me...
She was hit by a car driven by a drunk police officer. With my band, the Quarrymen, we recorded two songs on tape: That'll Be the Day and In Spite of All the Danger, which were later transferred to five acetates. Only two would remain, in the possession of Paul McCartney and John Lowe respectively. I met Cynthia Powell at Liverpool Art College,
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fell in love with her and married her. In '59 we changed the name of the band to Silver Beatles and became a regular attraction at the Casbah Club in Liverpool, run by the mother of the new drummer, Pete Best. In August of the following year, we made our debut at the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, with a certain Sutcliffe on bass;

we played eight hours a day non-stop! To keep up that pace, I started taking amphetamine pills, which the waiters in the club happily supplied... It was Sutcliffe who suggested the name Beatals; I was going to modify it to echo the word beat, so the name Beatles was born. In early '61, we played our first concert at the Cavern Club in Liverpool and,

in August, I married Cynthia, to whom our son, John Charles Julian Lennon, would be born. The emotion was indescribably great: I had become a father!
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Genesis of a legend

Liverpool, Cavern Club. 1961

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London, Prince of Wales Theatre. 1963

Talented junkie

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