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Jimi Hendrix. Flow Through Me

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Finally, a band of my own!

Nashville, Jefferson Street. 1962


When I was sixteen,

I was thrown out of school; in the midst of the racial intolerance
of 1950s puritanical America, there was no place for me anymore. I had become a drifter and earned a living playing in Rhythm and Blues and Rock 'n' Roll bands. It was in 1959 when I started playing with the Velvetones, and I played the first concert of my life. Shortly after that, I joined the Rocking Kings,
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my first real band with whom I played several gigs in the surrounding area and began to get familiar with the stage. I also dropped out of school, which I considered a waste of time. I wasn't interested in graduating; it wasn't for me! One day, I ended up being arrested while driving a car that I didn't know was stolen.... They told me: "Either you enlist or you go to jail.

So it was shortly after I arrived at Fort Campbell one November that I met Billy Cox, a bass player with whom I formed King Kasuals in 1962. In July of that year, finally, the heartbreak of military life ended. I was frustrated, they were just giving me orders, I just wanted to play music! I moved to Clarksville, Tennessee, then Indianapolis, then Nashville.

The manager of a well-known club, Theodore "Uncle Teddy" Acklen, heard us play and signed us up to play at different clubs on Jefferson Street.
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Finally, a band of my own!

Nashville, Jefferson Street. 1962

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New Mexico, Desert. Feb 1964

Entering the fray

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