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John Lennon. Imagine a Dream

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Eccentricity and rebellion

Liverpool, College of Art. 1956


I started attending

ovedale Primary School, where the teacher and headmaster
noticed my eccentric personality and creativity from the beginning. After finishing primary school, I enrolled in Quarry Bank High School, where I did poorly. However, Aunt Mimi noticed that I had a talent for drawing and managed to get me enrolled in Liverpool College of Art with some difficulty. During this time, I took up music, self-taught.
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I learned to play a mouth organ, given to me by a retired student at my Aunt Mimi's. My soul was rebellious, and I had to learn how to play. My soul was rebellious, eager for freedom and new experiences. My main diversions were going to the movies or attending the big Galden Party every summer at the local Salvation Army Strawberry Fields.

At school, I used to have fun stealing apples, then we'd climb the outer supports of trams that ran down Penny Lane and take long trips down the streets of Liverpool. I came into contact with the music productions that were all the rage at the time: Bill Haley's Rock Around the Clock, Lonnie Donegan's Rock Island Line,

and Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel. Fascinated by these songs, I got a cheap guitar from my mother and formed my first band in 1956: The Quarrymen.
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Eccentricity and rebellion

Liverpool, College of Art. 1956

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Liverpool, Cavern Club. 1961

Genesis of a legend

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