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Che Guevara. Fight with your Heart

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Determined survival

ARGENTINA, Rosario. 1928


I was born in 1928 in Rosario into an economically well-to-do middle-class family.

My father was an Argentinean building contractor, while my mother was a political activist and militant atheist feminist,
who came from a wealthy family, one of what was called the "cattle oligarchy". A few days after I came into the world, I was diagnosed with bronchopneumonia which almost led to my death...
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A few years later I was also diagnosed with asthma, with very acute attacks that accompanied me all my life. My health condition was often a burden on my family, who did not always have the best of luck.

Despite this, my parents managed to pass on to me and my four siblings a carefree attitude, a spirit of adventure and an interest in literature. I could not attend school regularly due to illness, so my mother taught me to read and write. My father, on the other hand, taught me to play chess during the many hours that my asthma kept me in bed.

I became feverishly fond of the game and got to know the Cuban world champion Josè Raùl Capablanca. When I turned twelve, I started participating in several local tournaments. I also learned how to handle a gun, from the age of five; I used to spend my Sundays shooting at targets with my father. Those were good times!
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Determined survival

ARGENTINA, Rosario. 1928

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BUENOS AIRES, University. 1950

The first trip

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