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Che Guevara. Fight with your Heart

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SANTA CLARA, Battle. 1958


Having foiled a plot to kill Fidel, there was a raid by the Mexican authorities in agreement with the Cuban police.

I was also arrested, along with my wife and daughter... I admitted that I was part of the revolutionary movement
and I would be released only 57 days later, in exchange for a large sum of money. We discovered a mole in the group, so we left suddenly.
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Gathered in Tuxpan, in the Mexican province of Veracruz, we all boarded the boat Granma the next day. The journey was not easy; there were too many people on board, harassed by the constant bad weather and the poor condition of the boat.

On the 2nd of December, we disembarked on the beach of Las Coloradas, a swampy area near Niquero. Shortly afterwards, we were attacked by Batista's military and half of us fell in combat or were killed after capture... I was hit by a bullet in the neck. I thought I was going to die... but I didn't give up and joined the group led by Juan Almeida, who was hungry and thirsty.

We managed to regroup and fled to the Sierra Maestra mountains to lead the guerrillas against the regime. We hadn't lost yet. Fidel decided to appoint me as the commander of the second column of the guerrilla army. I myself led the attack by leading my "Suicide Platoon" in Santa Clara. They called us that because we were crazy and not afraid of anything! That was a decisive battle for the revolution!
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SANTA CLARA, Battle. 1958

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LA PAZ. Establishment of the Stasi. 1959

Naive idealism

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