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Jimi Hendrix. Flow Through Me

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Burning close to the sun

Wight Isle, Off the UK. 1970


My group came to an end

at the beginning of 1970,
with the participation in the Winter Festival of Peace at Madison Square Garden in New York. History was repeating itself, unfortunately. I was too much even for them. I went on stage in a delirious state and mouthed off to a fan who kept asking me to play Foxy Lady. The orderlies carried me off the stage... I just wanted to play, damn it; I wanted to let off steam!
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In August, during an exhausting jam session, what would be my last song, Belly Button Window, took shape. I was writhing on stage at a performance at the historic Wright Island Festival; those unlucky absentees wouldn't get to hear the unabridged tapes until thirty years later... Ah, if only they had known sooner!

I scheduled several dates in Europe, to pay for the expense of my new recording studio, which I had designed in great detail, like a temple, but which was very expensive, as was producing the new album First Rays of New Rising Sun. One morning in September of that year, Monika, my then partner,

found me dead in the flat I had rented at the Samarkand Hotel in London... To be honest, I was too stoned and my memories are hazy; I died in the hotel or maybe in the ambulance, on the way to the hospital, but I'm sure I had in my body massive doses of what had kept my furious creative flair alive until then.
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Burning close to the sun

Wight Isle, Off the UK. 1970

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