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Che Guevara. Fight with your Heart

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Beyond the obstacle

GUATEMALA CITY, Plaza de la Constituci�n. 1954


Once back, I decided to leave again.

I went to Guatemala, where President Guzm�n led a populist government that sought to bring about a social revolution through various reforms, especially land reforms.
I admired his politics. My main contact in Guatemala was the socialist Hilda Gadea, a Peruvian intellectual exiled by the Odr�a dictatorship. Hilda introduced me to circles close to the Arbenz government.
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I joined the moncadistas, selling religious objects related to the cult of the Black Christ. I tried to work as a doctor in the trade unions, but the reactionary medical college turned me down. My passion for literature and discussions on Marxism, meanwhile, strengthened my relationship with Gadea,

so much so that I begged her to marry me, but she never accepted, laughing that it was not the time. A coup d'�tat against Arbenz convinced me definitively that the United States was an imperialist power that would always oppose governments intent on reducing inequality in Latin America and other developing countries.

I was also convinced that only socialism, achieved through armed struggle and defended by the people, would solve the problems of poor countries. I thought it was so easy to come to these conclusions...
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Beyond the obstacle

GUATEMALA CITY, Plaza de la Constituci�n. 1954

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MEXICO CITY, National Autonomous University of Mexico. 1955

Deep Dialogue

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