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Che Guevara. Fight with your Heart

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Awakening of ideals

MACCHU PICCHU, Ruins. 1954


I visited the leper colony in San Pablo, Peru one day.

It was a place where the weak endured all kinds of suffering before they died, alone and forgotten. The sight of all that pain was even stronger and more shocking; a slap in the face.
We immediately volunteered to work in the leprosarium as volunteer doctors and were able to see at first hand the pitiful conditions of the sick. We arrived at this lost place after visiting the majestic Macchu Picchu,
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the symbol of the splendour and wonder of the indigenous people, a magnificence of which little remained... The contrast between the glory of the past and the misery of the present, between boundless beauty and utter despair, marked me deeply.

That was the moment when I decided that I would not just pretend nothing happened, but that I would rebel.I wrote in my diary: <<This is one of those cases in which the doctor, aware of his own absolute impotence in the face of the situation, feels the desire for a radical change.

Something that would suppress the injustice that forced the poor old woman to work as a servant until the month before she died in order to earn a living, struggling and suffering, but facing life with pride.>>. I was no longer a light-hearted idealistic student, but had now donned the guise of a revolutionary willing to die for what he believed in
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Awakening of ideals

MACCHU PICCHU, Ruins. 1954

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GUATEMALA CITY, Plaza de la Constituci�n. 1954

Beyond the obstacle

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