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John Lennon. Imagine a Dream

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A protest under the sheets

Amsterdam, Hilton Hotel. 1969


In 1969,

in favour of pacifism against the war in Vietnam,
I conceived the bed-in episode with Yoko Ono. We were spending our honeymoon in room 1902 of the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam. We had arrived there from Paris in a white Rolls Royce. We decided to stay in bed in order to demonstrate, in a non-violent way, against the war, at the end of March, being filmed by numerous photographers.
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The journalists came to us thinking that we were going to do scandalous acts in front of their cameras, but instead they were confronted with two people in pyjamas. We gave interviews and statements on world peace and against military spending. We decided to have a second bed-in, also during our honeymoon, so we went to Canada, to Montréal.

Here we stayed in a room in the Fairmont la Reine Elizabeth Hotel between May and June. It was during this bed-in that the recording of Give Peace a Chance, one of the first Plastic Ono Band singles and the future anthem of the international peace movement, was made in the suite under the direction of André Perry.

The Beatles had already broken up with me and we were to part ways the following year... They didn't like Yoko and claimed that, because of her, I had left the band. I had also started to work on the musical side with her, as she had just started her solo career.
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A protest under the sheets

Amsterdam, Hilton Hotel. 1969

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New York City, Madison Square Garden. 1972

Getting high with successes

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