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Che Guevara. Fight with your Heart

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A painful massacre

ATACAMA, Desert. 1953


In Chile, in the copper mine of Chuquicamata, I witnessed with my own eyes the great injustice of capitalism that I would fight against with all my might in the years to come.

The British, who were only interested in profit, treated the Chilean miners as miserable tools to increase their profits.
The mine was also the cemetery of those abandoned souls. As Marcial Figueroa recounts in his book Chuquicamata, la tumba del chileno, <<The gravedigger, every day, buried six victims, including adults and children.>>.
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When I saw these horrible scenes, I was immediately reminded of Dante's Inferno and I had to admit, staring at the dusty faces of the workers who were exploited there, in a surreal and inhuman atmosphere, that we had created the real Hell, on earth...

The poor forgotten heroes of this battle died miserably in the thousand traps that nature put in their way, with a mouldy loaf of bread as their only reason to go on. I lent some of them a blanket to face the freezing Atacama Desert at sunset.

At that moment, my journey became more than just a trip. I realised how much exploitation, misery and despair there was on my continent. That was the first step in a process that would lead me to consider rebellion, even violent rebellion, as the only solution to injustice. Was I wrong? Who knows?
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A painful massacre

ATACAMA, Desert. 1953

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MACCHU PICCHU, Ruins. 1954

Awakening of ideals

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